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I am a 30 something single mother of three beautiful daughters that are in middle school and elementary school. I'm a Human Resources Manager by day and an entreprenuer/fashinistylista/designer/artist by night(my passion). I also make and sell diaper and towel cakes, for baby showers, weddings, bridal showers and house-warming parties.

I started this blog first off..to help me lose some weight! During 2008 and 2009 I had packed on 40lbs..and no I did not have a baby! I think that I had let life start getting to me in a negative way thus leaving me to become frumpy.

I've always been a lover of fashion and have dreams of owning a clothing line. So I would read blogs like "The Fashion Bomb Daily" and dream about being featured as one of their designers to watch. While looking through their "Fashion Bomb of the Day" posts I realized something...I had lost my cool! I was turning in to the mother that you didn't really want to come to school functions. Where had the swaggalicious (lol), sensual, outgoing woman gone to??

I had started off depriving myself of buying clothes because of my weight when I first started gaining in 2008 and found that I was apparently I was depriving myself of even more of the things that I loved. I didn't want to go to clubs or social events, I just really did not want to be seen. I secretly prayed for one of those "invisible cloakes" like Harry Potter had. Jogging pants and jeans had become my friends...I just wanted to be invisible.

Looking at all of the looks not only for the fashion pieces but the locations (alot were just out and about living life) I decided to start embracing me again! Dressing the body that I have now, in the  clothes that I liked to wear. Granted I'd have to wear/buy bigger clothes...but if you look good on the outside you'll feel good on the inside..right..? Well some may differ but I found this to be a phenomenal epiphany for me. I started pulling out my clothes in my closet that fit me well and began to dress my best. The excitement of seeing myself look nice (not in a narcissistic way) and getting compliments helped me get started on my workout kick again.

Now that i'm 17lbs down, i'm actually feeling pretty darn good. Even though I have not gotten to my weight goal yet, I really feel good. Weighing in at 178 would have given me the blues back in the day..but not today! Who knew that fashion could be a weight loss tool huh??!!!

I was inspired to start blogging my progress as another outlet to assist in keeping me on track with living a healthy lifestyle from looking at other blog sites. I decided to name my blog Compulsive Flyness because that is exactly the attitude that I have. I want to be fly in all areas of my life all the time..Hair and MakeUp, Fashion, Health and Fitness, Family, Me and Spiritually just an all around fly girl (woman)!

I will be posting on all of the topics. My goal is to Post each day on a different topic, Monday through Saturday and take off on Sunday! It may take me a while to get the photo thing down so please bare with me.

I sincerely hope that the blogosphere has room for me and that everyone that visits enjoys my site!

Signing off....MissKRoberts


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