Today i'm feeling alot better. The antibiotics are working and my sinus infection is clearing up.
It's fall break for my kids, so I took these pics before we left out to do a little shopping earlier today.
I 'm feeling like a sexy 32 yo in this outfit. Sweet and Simple, it's just a pair of skinny jeans, white tee, vest and shooties (not really shoes but not booties).

I wasn't really feeling big on accessories today. So I kept it pretty simple with just some earrings and a watch.

Now even though I was under the weather and a little discombobulated, I was still able to do a little shopping. I got those shoes at a store called AJ Wright, they were $20 and I love them. The purse I found on sale at Old Navy for $11, I just love deals *starry eyed* like Flo (from the progressive commercials) Lol. You know she was voted most annoying commercial character.. ?Following her were the caveman and the burger king dude<--he's more creepy than annoying to me.

We shopped for Halloween Costumes earlier today but everything was so lame! So one of my daughters is going to be a cop and one decided to be a basketball player. Hopefully between now and then I will think of something creative to tweek their costumes. My other one, the oldest, hasn't decided yet. Poor thing, she's 13 and stuck in that stage of liking "little" girl things and "big girl" things so I guess she'll figure it out.  I want to be a flaminco dancer! Yes, deep down inside of me lives a vegas showgirl! Lol.

All of my DIY'ers out there any ideas on how I can pull that off???

Well that is all for now, I hope that all has been well with all of you and hope that it continues to be. Wishing you peace, health, wealth...you know, all the blessings. TTFN
Thanks for reading.