Good Evening!
So we are having a halloween pitch-in for work on Wednesday and I am on list to bring in Sweet Potato Pie! I love SPP but hadn't actually made one of my own since like 2001! I knew it couldn't be that hard right? Is cooking certain recipes like riding a bike....  Well to be on the safe side, so that my coworkers wouldn't be whispering about me behind my back, i figured i'd better "practice". And in the midst of prepping to do a trial run, I thought, hmmm I wonder how an SPP mixed with cheesecake would taste..?? So I tried it tonight....and....Walahhh...here are my results!!!

This first one has a thin layer of sweet potato mixture, topped with a thicker layer of cheescake mixture and a little sweet potato heart in the center!
The second one, I put the cheesecake mixture in first, then dolloped the sweet potato mixture in and swirled it with a knife!

I also made a plain sweet potato pie. I must say they all turned out good! and are Kid (some of the hardest critics) Approved. I'll definitely be making these again..maybe for Thanksgiving! Stick to lasagna my tail..hmph! (that's all that my family will usually let me bring to functions...other than paper goods and soda!)

Wish you guys could taste them!


  1. Wish you guys could taste them!

    Me too!

    Looks very delicious. Crust golden brown and still perfect looking.

  2. Oooo I want one! Looks awesomely good and fattening too, lol!