First off,  a big HUG and THANKS to all that have clicked to join my blog ( I hate saying follow)!!! #Appreciated I love sharing what I know (well, what I think I know) and I love reading what others post! Thanks for reading. I'm going to work on a give away soon! 

Ok, I had to make another post before I went on to catch up on my blog reading. It is about the wonderful world of Youtube and the info that I have found!

Can you believe the amount of info that you can find on there?!? I mean, i'm not one of those that tends to believe everything that I see on youtube, but you have to agree, it can be pretty interesting to watch. It can also be a go to, to find out how to do almost anything that you want to do.

So, in one of my midnight Youtube surfing sessions, I ran across a vlogger named MsVcharles. Looking for natural hairstyles was my intent, but I found something much more useful to me. She vlogged about using Witch Hazel and egg whites on your face. Say what now?? Yep! Now, I knew nothing of the benefits of Witch Hazel, other than my mother tried once, to put some in my ear,  when I had an earache. So, I investigated a little more and found that MsV was not the only one on Youtube doing this. Several other videos popped up with women donning gorgeous skin and these two things were a part of their regimens.

Before - pimple scars. The other side had active pimples.
Of course, I decided to try it. *again I swear that I do not try everything that I see on youtube, lol* Over the last 2 1/2 weeks I have done 2 egg white facials and washed my face daily (I normally do this, and it is highly suggested:-), following up with a swipe of Witch Hazel and a light shea moisturizer.

 OMG!!! I cannot believe how fast my skin has started to clear up LOOK:
Both of the pics are of me with no foundation...wait..actually I think I may have had on foundation in the before pic. None the less, look at those marks shining through. And BOTH sides of my face looked like this. with the left side, the side shown in the "Today" pic, looking even worse than the right side in the before pic.

I'm proud to say, that both sides have virtually cleared all the way up! I still have some toning to work on, but i'm loving the results so far.

I want to add 100% African Black soap to my regimen and I will, as soon as I find some. I heard this was really good for the skin as well. I'm currently washing with Ivory.

I'll definitely be keeping the egg whites and witch hazel in stock!

Egg white facial...What to do: 

  • Beat the white of an egg in a bowl until well mixed and frothy
  • Use an old or new, but clean, powder brush to put the egg white on your face
  • ***Work in sections to apply*** and work quickly
  • Once you brush on a section of egg, immediately cover it with a piece of toilet paper, then lightly brush a little more egg over the toilet paper and lightly pat down on it to make sure it sticks to your face (yes, I said stick, trust me...it comes off)
  • Repeat until your face is covered
  • ***Do not apply around your eyes, on your hairline or on your eyebrows***
  • Let it dry and sit on your face for about 30 minutes, peel off, then rinse. 

This will help remove dirt, black heads, tighten and give your skin a glow. Sorry, I did not post pics of my process, but I looked real crazy with that dried tp all over my face!

What do you do to take care of your skin?? Have you tried the egg white facial? Witch Hazel maybe?




  1. I want to try this... I may do it tonight! My face seemed to be clearing up finally after I had my daughter but now dark marks have been coming up.

    The one thing I do to take care of my skin is remove my makeup every night.

  2. I have been searching for quite sometime for something to at least keep the bumps and marks at bay, and just maintain my skin enough to look "ok" with makeup. But for the last few days i've only been using a light dusting of powder foundation, if that. I had originally thought to use some lemon juice in conjunction to remove the dark marks but they are fading with just the witch hazel. Can't wait to add the black soap to my regimen. Good luck!