Ok, so over at the Fashionista Next Door, Eboni did a series on Neutral Know How. She saw the tear out book marks in In Style's April edition (she's featured in the August issue, be sure to pick it up!) where they took 5 neutral colors, gray, olive, ivory, khaki, and navy and showed you what colors to combine them with. Eboni decided to put together 20 styles based on each of the color pairings. 

I was so inspired by her looks that I decided to print the book marks and hang them up in my closet. 
(my daughter wanted them as well.)

My look today was inspired by the Neutral Know How: Gray look. See two of Eboni's gray pairings here and here. Two perfect ways on how to style your gray clothing and accessories!!! She also has the bookmarks up over at her site. 

Instead of gray as one of my main pieces, I decided to use it as an accent. I wore a pale yellow skirt, seafoam shirt, tan belt and shoes. I then accessorized all of that with pearl colored watch and bracelet with silver accents and a gray bag.

Colors to pair with gray:  Royal blue, seafoam, lavendar and lemon. 

My skirt is not quite lemon but it worked. 

I'm typically drawn to neutral or warm colors. The more Mediterranean colors or the staple Black, cream  and brown. Blogging is definitely making me go beyond my color horizons a little more!!  (Green is becoming a fav!) 

The skirt is thrifted. I found this at my favorite little thrifting spot about a year ago. I wasn't too keen on the pouch in the front but otherwise, i'm digging the way that it fits!

The bag was purchased at Burlington. The Bracelet from one of those at home jewelry parties. The watch was purchased at Macy's. The belt was thrifted. The shoes and shirt...I have no clue.

My hair is still styled in two flat twists. I washed and blew it out last Thursday and this has to be the easiest hairstyle EVER! I love! I just moisturize it at night, finger detangle, re-twist and i'm done!! I may just do a quick tutorial on it...hmmm. We'll see.

I'll definitely be posting more outfits based on the neutral know how book marks. They truly help on those days where you may be having trouble picking out something to wear!! 

Thank you all for reading!




  1. I really enjoy her neutral know how outfit, you did a great job on you first one, I love the top :)
    looking forward to see what you come up with next.
    Congrats on the new name meLikey

    1. Thank Roodlyn and Yes, she did a great job!

  2. I really liked Eboni's Neutral series, too! You look fab ;)

  3. This neutral look really works! I especially like the blue top!

    1. Thank you it's a thrifting find right from my own closet! I know I bought it years ago.

  4. i love that top!!