Yep, im laying here and all I can think about are socks! Now, it could be the change in temperature, that's got most of my body warm and my feet chilly..?? Idk, but I do know I'm kinda excited to go shopping tomorrow and make a purchase of some new comfy socks!

I like to pick cute ones with designs that compliment my clothes. Or ones with individual toes so that I can keep my tootsies warm while I curl up with a blanket and read a book. I think the toe socks, with cute colors and graphics are my favs!

In the summer I don't do socks, but they are welcome in these cold months! Though I've always wanted to try the skirt, sock and pump look in the spring/fall, I don't know if I could pull that look off.

Do you think socks rock?? What are your favorite kind?? How do you rock socks?

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  1. I HATE socks.... even when its snowing outside, I get all haterish when I think about having to put on socks LOL. THey are cute but my toes just reject them hahahah! If I had my way we'd all just wear sandals year around.


    1. Lol! Now, I'm not fond of them in the summer time but I have to have them in the winter! Because I get waaaayyy too cold to not wear them! I wish I lived somewhere where sandals were doable all year round, but until I move, I have to have something to cover my feet up! LOL
      Thanks for stopping by!