Uh...L'oreal...what'd you do to my powder??

I think I LOVE it even more now!! As a matter of fact, I know I do! My goodness!

I ran out to buy new foundation. A typical Walgreen's run for me. Running in really quickly to grab new brushes, powder, check out any new lip and nail polish colors (and any other random toiletries that caught my eye), and head back out.

When I picked up the L'oreal compact, I noticed that the design was a little different. I didn't think too much of it, I just figured they were trying something new...maybe to save space on the display perhaps...? *shrug* I grabbed what I thought was my color (picked up the wrong color, don't know how I did that) and proceeded to shop.

The morning that I sat at my vanity and broke the seal on the package so that I could apply my make up, I realized I had something different! I'd prepared for a little fall out, which I typically get, but not this time. It was going on like liquid powder...?

At first, I actually inspected my brush to see if it was wet! LOL! It wasn't. I had something new. The foundation that i'd picked up was like the perfect mix of liquid and powder. I admit, I was a little confused at first. I most certainly was not expecting that texture. It was like butter! However, after application ( I switched from my brush to a sponge), I loved how smoothly this foundation lay on my skin.

I ended up using it to highlight some areas, being that I bought the wrong color. Nonetheless, I still loved it. The website says that this product is super blendable, not greasy and never cakey...and i'd have to agree! I could barely feel that it was there.

I've since searched a couple of stores for my color, but haven't been able to find it. I may end up ordering online. I will find it though! Because this True Match Super Blendable Foundation is a Super-Plus in my Book!



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