Well, after being natural since October of 2010. Wading through the waters of, what for me, was the oh so dreadful TWA stage


...then making it through the "awkard" TWA to mid-length stage, where it wasn't really short, but still wasn't very long either.

I finally started to inch my way to the "collar bone and below" stage. That's what we all want as naturals...right?

I finally had enough here to shake, blow in the wind and rock an unruly and quite offensive braid-out or twist-out from time to time...

BUT....I decided to chop it ALL off! Yep! Well...not all of it but the majority of my hair is gone. I'm right back at the TWA stage, on purpose and I LOVE IT!! 

A few things that I never thought about when making the decision to return to my natural roots:
1. I never thought that i'd ever really have to use a "Pic" to style my hair. 
2. I never imagined having to use SO much conditioner...ever!
3. I never thought that I'd receive so much ridicule over my appearance.
4. I never imagined the growth, spiritually, that i'd experience. 
5. And once getting some good length on my shoulders, I never thought i'd cut it again!

I made my decision for a few reasons. The first, I needed to let some ish GO!! Ladies, doesn't it seem like it starts with a major change in our hair? I read a quote that went something like...When a woman changes her hair, she is about to change her life...I definitely have noticed some changes in me lately.

Secondly, I had tried probably every natural style out there! From wearing it protected in braids and updo's  to wearing "out"-styles, i've tried them all! Quite frankly, I was bored with it.

Lastly, it wasn't nappy enough. LOL! Really, from the pulling and tugging, a few iron outs and some color, my curl pattern had really loosened. So one day, after trying a twist out and having one section not give me ANY act right, I went in with my scissors! *Chop, Chop*

I've been rocking my Tapered-ish, TWA for about 4 weeks now.

This is the first time in 4 years that I've had my hair this short and i'm really loving the look this time around!



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