So in surfing "the Gram", which I seem to be pretty addicted to here lately, I saw this posted. These words could not hold more true for me. 

I have truly come to know the basis of what is really important in life. I guess this could be that I am inching closer to the big 4-0 (in 4 years), but mainly I believe it is because i've taken the time to do some real soul searching. I guess that could happen at any age. I kinda sort of went on an eat-pray-love quest while still living my normal family/work life. I had to. Who was I becoming? 

I wasn't going down a bad road, but my road was changing. I was getting the desire to do things that really felt good deep down on the inside, albeit some unconventional. I was feeling the need to walk away from people, ideals, situations or anything that disrupted peace in my soul.

It's appreciated when someone compliments my hair or my clothes or maybe a piece of jewelry. But man, after a nice conversation about life or simple desires...maybe while watching the stars....a little bit of mind exploration...when someone goes deep enough to see that part of me, it's invigorating. And if they compliment that side of me...whoa!

I had a conversation with some friends about humility and being pleasing to God and this hit me: Stuff is nice, nice stuff may even be nicer. And we all like things, but being aware of the mediocrity of importance of stuff, in the full spectrum of things, is priceless. 

Because at the end of the day, once our body's have gone, the well-being of our soul is what will matter. 



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