So, around Indy fall is settling in. The leaves are turning. The air has a crisp chill. The sun is still shining bright, giving off just enough warmth that will allow you to get away with wearing a blazer or sweater when leaving the house.

Now, I love summer, but there is something about fall that I love even more! Not just the fashion of it all, with pulling out boots and blazers...but something else.  It's something that is
so...almost....nostaligic, comforting and peaceful about fall. It's where things seem to start slowing down and you settle in to just enjoying the moments of life. Kind of weird to explain. Is that just me? Does fall make you feel some kind of way?

I decided to join in on a style challenge via Instagram. This challenge is hosted by blogger StillBeingMolly. One reason that I decided to join was so that I could get my dressing "joosh" back and also, I wanted to connect with some new bloggers that I'd not connected with before. 

The #sbmfallstylechallenge's day 3 suggestion was "Denim on Denim" and who doesn't love a good Canadian Tuxedo?? 

The jeans that I have on are from Target and they are the Denizen by Levi's line. I love these jeans. They are skinny jeans, but not so skinny that my goods were smashed and pulled into all different directions. This top is DKNY, circa 1998 via my closet! Believe it or not this was a maternity shirt for me back in the day! I think I bought it when I was 6 months pregnant...so yea, oh how things change.

The jeans moved well with me and fit my curves really well! Since it was chilly, I also added a crop-ish moto style jacket over my denim top.

My fro also made a debut over the weekend. I've been a wig for a while because I've been far too busy to mess with my hair, but I was missing the wild child up top! I'll post about my new favorite hair product soon. 



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