Hi! Happy Monday!!!

So last weekend I took a trip to Walmart! I was nearby, it was pretty late and I needed to grab something, can't quite remember what, but anyhooo, somehow I got stuck on the beauty isles.

Now, I'm a sucker for shiny things catching my eye and me, walking out of the store with (having paid first of course) said product.

The shiny that came home with me, Physicians Formula warm nude mini pallet.

I thought the packaging for this little "pallet" was sooo cute!

I also thought that the inside of was so cute, unique and girly! It was also a good use of space! As you see in the picture on the right side, there is a mirror, make up applicator, brush and instructions on how to use the makeup. Definitely a step up from some of the other drug store compacts that I've seen.

According to the packaging you can:
  1. Blend all shades for a complete facial glow
  2. Use per the row or a nude eye look
  3. You can create a contoured look by using rows 2-4.  
I thought this little pallet was so clever! It's economical and perfect for the girl who is either short on time or can't afford to go out and buy the more expensive items that would create a look such as this promises.

I also bought the Rimmel Blush/Contour compact and some shiny new tattoo appliques.

I haven't tried the tattoos yet, but I did give the shadow pallet and blush a try. The first time I tried it, I used my L'oreal True Match Super Blendable-Compact as mentioned here, as my foundation and used items in this post to build from there.

 This was my first attempt at using it^^^^

I didn't use the applicator and brush that were in the package, I used my own tools. To me, that brush was really awkward.

But overall, this make up was lasting and showed up well for a made-up, but not so made-up face.

I'm sure i'll be using this makeup more often. I think it gives a little summery/bronzy glow and with the winter months approaching, i this look will be a bit of a pick me up on gloomy days.

What are your favorite drug store/department store beauty brands? I'd love for you to share!




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