First of all, Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful Daddy's out there!

Whew, today is day 6 of my 7 day challenge. And I must say that I am proud of myself! I've worked out for at least 30 minutes each day. A couple of days I've even worked out twice. Surprisingly, my sugar cravings have really been at bay.

 On day 4, I did buy a tall caramel frapp, out of habit. I needed to eat and I wanted something as healthy as possible on my way to work, so I went for a Protein Bistro box and just couldn't resist "buying" the drink. Something about being inside of Starbucks would have made me feel like I was incomplete If i'd left without buying a drink. So I did. My brain is hardwired to think that way after all these years, I guess. So, nonetheless, I bought the drink, minus the whip and caramel drizzle, and only drank about half. It actually tasted too sweet and not very satisfying to me. A bit of a flop on day four, but not too bad.

Day 5 was really good. I did end up google searching: "can eating too much watermelon be bad for you?". LOL! I've been tearing some watermelon up! I found that it is not necessarily bad for you but, I did hear from a trainer that eating fruits like that after noonish to 3pm, is not very good calorie wise. Fruit still has sugar in it, albeit not as bad as processed sugar, but your body still needs to burn it off. So, I plan to continue to incorporate watermelon into my diet more, but not after 1pm in the afternoon.

Here we are to day 6. I'm feeling really good! I actually feel less bloated. My stomach feels a little bit more "pulled in". I also don't feel like i've got sludge running through my body.  Now, I did have a piece of a pancake and syrup this morning because my daughters and I made a big breakfast. But, thank God, my mind and body were telling me no! A couple of bites in and I just didn't want to finish. Something on the inside just felt wrong. Isn't it wonderful what a good sweat and diet will do?

I am really excited about continuing to delve deeper into keeping up these healthy habits and making them the norm for my life! I also want to make sure that Day 7 goes perfect.


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