Hello...Happy Hump day!!

Day 1: (recap)

Well, today was a great start!!

I actually woke up and decided to start the challenge on the spur of the moment. It just felt right. I was able to workout at the trail, getting in 1.80 miles in 40 minutes. From there, I went to the grocery store and bought fruit, veggies and water. I had a home made grilled ground chicken patty for breakfast / plain tuna and watermelon for lunch / brown rice, veggie, turkey smoked sausage stir fry for dinner. And that is where it gets tricky, I'd planned to do plain Worcestershire sauce but my daughter made her special sweet and spicy sauce, so I had a bit. But, not too much, so I am still proud of myself!

Day 2:

Now, i'm on to completing day 2 successfully! I woke up bright and early and got my day started! I didn't meal prep last night, but I did pack for the day since I was up. So far, the day is off to a great start and i'm feeling good about it! My daughter and I got in a couple of weight circuits at the gym, then a short quick .6 mile walk on the trail.  I'd like to get in some better cardio this evening so i'll e going to the trail again. Also, this evening I'll prep food for the next few days.



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