Hi and Happy New Year to All!!

My oh, my where did 2015 go?!? It feels like it was literally a "here today, gone tomorrow" type of year. But, I guess it's true that time flies when you are having fun, because2015 was one of the best years of my life! I'm grateful and excited to see what 2016 has in store!!

I'm back with my first post of the year! And it is a review! Well, sort of. Over the holiday season while shopping for our children, the Beau's (hereinafter referred to as "Duke") daughter asked for an Alex and Ani Bracelet. He nor I had ever heard of such a bracelet and initially Duke tried to get out of searching for it by telling her that he'd give her money to buy her own. To which, she vehemently denied his offer. She insisted that we find the bracelet and that her dad choose the perfect Bracelet/charm symbol for her.

Well, thanks to a mall run and a friendly passerby in our first stop, Claire's Boutique (...because Claire's carries all young girls jewelry right?) we discovered that we could find these bracelets in Von Maur. The friendly customer said that she, her daughter and daughter-in-law all had the bracelets. She'd gotten the first one from the companies storefront in New York and because they liked them so much, she purchased more here in the city from Von Maur.

We trekked on, located the bracelets and Duke began to make his decision on the perfect charm for the kid.

I was impressed. These bracelets are all handmade, 100% unique with an expandable design to fit most wrists comfortably. They also represent the positive energy of the symbol that you choose. For the kid, we chose the lotus flower, which stands for the progression of the soul! How cool and it's so fitting for her! Alex and Ani has nice selection of symbolic charms to choose from.

The kid loves her new accessory! And I'm sure she'll want more, as they seem to look really cute stacked on the wrist. These little bracelets are the perfect style expression!



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